We are imperfect, broken, everyday people brought together by the perfect and restoring love of God. We welcome you to join us as we learn His life-giving truth and experience His life-changing grace together.

What we Believe

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At the Bridge…


We put Christ and His Gospel first

We are serious on building a church centered around the gospel of Jesus Christ.


We believe People matter to


so they matter to us

Because we are centered around the gospel of Jesus Christ, we are serious about building relationships with our community to lead others to Him.


We believe in Transformation

We believe that when we place our hope and trust in Jesus Christ, it transforms us, impacting everything from our thoughts to our behavior.


We want to be a Community Catalyst

Equipped with love, the hope of the gospel, and a heart for our city, we want to be a community that intentionally exposes Christ for who He truly is.


We are committed to
The Great Commission

We believe that Christ commands us to share
the gospel locally and abroad, especially to people who have yet to hear of its saving truths.


We move forward boldly

We know that God calls us to be bold, and so we set out to take big risks for the sake of the gospel of Jesus Christ.


We pray

We believe that God is bigger and acts bigger than what we imagine. We also believe that we cannot do anything without him. We pray to always align ourselves with Him.


We act in excellence

The greatest thing we can do as people is glorify God with everything we have. We seek to do this
to the best of our ability 100% of the time.